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Custom insulation cup, only to the exclusive warmth
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n 1892, Sir John Duval, a Scotsman at Oxford University, invented a vacuum cup. He put a bottle into another bottle, and then the two bottles of the middle of the gap in the air out, because the vacuum does not pass heat, so the insulation cup of hot water or cold water for a long time to maintain the original temperature, The insulation cup.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's reform and opening up gave birth to a group of innovative unlimited potential pot enterprises, but also in the insulation cup manufacturing industry star star. They are in the traditional high-end gift insulation products on the dare to research and innovation, making the insulation cup such a humble daily necessities can play a variety of functions to the extreme. In fact, today's insulation Cup, is not just a simple drinking water tools. It includes the advertising function, gifts function, art appreciation and communication functions, and many other styles, style is also ever-changing, colorful, it is not put it down.

In the past, gifts are often troubled by people a problem, send leadership, send relatives, send friends, send colleagues and so choose what is often troubled everyone. Especially with the quality of people's lives improved, people gifts the value and practicality, it is necessary to reflect, both good and others have their own. At present, the cup pot product may be one of the more popular part, especially on the grade of the gift cup in all walks of life have a place can not be replaced, and customization of the cup in the customization of the insulation cup.

And winter gifts have different stress, warm health-based, insulation Cup, thermal underwear is a good choice. At present, fashion, identity, temperament, personality, economy and other elements are used to a variety of high-end gift insulation design. Insulation Cup manufacturers in order to strong custom gift market bigger and stronger, we must start from the overall market demand, and strive to ensure that the personalization of high-end gifts to maximize the same time, but also to protect the product price, in order to maximize the occupation of the market , And thus in the future development of stainless steel insulation cups, will be able to customize the development of high-end gifts into the most trendy high-end gifts.

When a group of people focus on the perfect creation of a product, even the most obscure small objects, can also be changed into amazing works of art. This is the professional strength, but also a high degree of temperament and attitude fit.

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